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Amazing, Boozy and Versatile Technology! 
Eating alcohol is the new and exciting way to raise your spirits!


About Us

CreamCol has created a unique, new, fun and innovative way to enjoy and experience alcohol. 

We are the only FoodTech company creating high alcohol content creams with a wide range of textures and flavor spectrums which have a long shelf-life at room temperature.

We are offering food manufacturers access to the technology via licensing opportunities.


Our Technology

A patented technology that transforms any alcohol drink into delicious creamy alcohol based on a unique, natural process totally devoid of chemical stabilizers. The alcohol creams we produce are uniform, stable at room temperature and have extended shelf life.
We have full control of the process and can produce custom creams based on our customer’s exact specifications with regards to texture, viscosity, taste, the type of alcohol used, the final product’s alcohol content and its nutritional values.


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