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CreamCol has developed an innovative, patented technology that converts any alcoholic beverage into delicious, edible alcoholic cream. The cream, which can be eaten as is, or used as raw material for creating new products, meets a growing demand for innovation in the massive global alcohol market.

Innovative, Patented Technology that Turns Alcohol into Food

CreamCol’s technology brings innovation and culinary creativity to FoodTech, allowing customers to consume alcohol in novel, tasty and enjoyable ways. The products are chemical free, protein rich, shake-proof, suitable for freezing and thawing and above all, maintain long shelf life while preserving their freshness and rich flavors. This makes them not only a great ready-to-eat product (RTE alcohol), but also a raw material that can be used to upgrade existing foods to premium products thus, creating new products for both the food and alcohol industries.


The creams have a wide range of uses.

For example:

  • Desserts and snacks for events, parties, happy hours, or private consumption.

  • Pralines and chocolate snack fillings.

  • Fillings, coatings and decorations for donuts, cakes and pastries.

  • Alcoholic ice creams in various flavors.


Since CreamCol’s technology provides long shelf life at room temperature, alcohol containing creams based on the technology can be stored and transported at room temperature without having to be frozen or chilled. Consumers can chill or freeze the creams prior to them been eaten or served. This solution completely changes the logistics in transportation and distribution of these food products, creating major cost savings, and initiating a genuine revolution in the food industry.

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