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Tomer & Irena Geller, are a couple in real life, and a relatively new family, parents to one adorable young baby.
Irena is a Food Engineer and Biotechnician, and Tomer is also an Engineer. They started dating while studying at the same institute. Going out to bars or restaurants, Tomer was enjoying getting slightly tipsy from time to time, while Irena just couldn't stand the taste of alcohol. Looking for a new way for her not to miss on the party, they started experimenting and that is what brings us here today.
The two not-so-nutty professors, who came up with this one nutty idea – transforming alcohol to tasty boozy creams and presenting the world with a new way to kick it!

CreamCol's founders- Irena and Tomer Geller
CreamCol's cream and package

Innovative, Patented Technology that turns Alcoholic beverages into edible alcoholic creams

CreamCol’s technology brings innovation and culinary creativity to the FoodTech industry, allowing customers to consume alcohol in novel, tasty and enjoyable ways. The products are chemical free, protein rich, shake-proof, suitable for freezing and thawing and above all, maintain long shelf life while preserving freshness and rich flavors. This makes them not only a great ready-to-eat product, but also a raw material that can be used to upgrade existing foods to premium products thus, creating new products for the alcohol and food industries.


Throughout history, happy moments often involved alcohol and food shared together. 
Can you imagine a celebration without alcohol or a birthday without cake?
And so, we've decided to take on the mission of combining the two together into one and present the world a new way to enjoy alcohol, by eating it!

CreamCol's Alcoholic cream
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Our alcoholic creams are perfect for any occasion!

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