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Ever tried mixing alcohol and cream?

If so, you will most probably know that you cannot add high amounts of alcohol (only up to 2% at most) and in addition, if not eaten relatively quickly after mixing, it reduces final product viscosity and in most cases phase separation will occur, meaning that product shelf life is very short.

CreamCol has invented the solution to this challenge!

We are offering licensing opportunities for the manufacturing of alcohol rich products for multiple industries


The Alcohol Industry

The best way to enjoy the products made by our technology is to eat them by the spoonful. They deliver a unique mouthfeel that is both fun, flavorsome and sophisticated as the creamy alcohol fills your mouth and titillates the palate. 

​The technology gives alcohol manufacturers the ability to provide the consumer with a whole new way of experiencing alcohol.

Whiskey into glass

The Baking Industry

The technology produces creams that are great as fillings or icings for donuts, eclairs, cakes and cupcakes, etc. Instead of impregnating the alcohol into the base of the desserts or cakes, the fillings are the alcohol rich components which now retain their shape, mouthfeel and integrity. Imagine taking a bite out of a donut filled with a rich creamy hazelnut filling with a 10% alcohol content without it bursting in all directions!

The Chocolate Industry

At last Chocolatiers have a new and novel, alcohol rich filling for pralines. Our fillings are exactly what this industry is looking for.
They remain stable and firm when the consumer takes a bite out of a praline and are a perfect match to both bitter/dark or milk chocolate coatings. They also make manufacturing much easier as the creams retain their firmness and viscosity throughout the manufacturing process. Imagine pralines filled with your favorite alcoholic drink at concentrations of around 9% but in a rich, creamy texture!


The HoReCa Industry

Chefs and bakers now have a novel way to demonstrate their culinary creativity. Imagine creamy, alcohol-rich desserts which do not need to be eaten immediately upon being served. Your favorite Tiramisu but with a creamy, high alcohol content filling between the sponge cake layers!

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